Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Description of Business

Description of Business
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2017
Accounting Policies [Abstract]  
Description of Business





Cutaia Media Group, LLC (“CMG”) was a limited liability company formed on December 12, 2012 under the laws of the State of Nevada. On May 19, 2014, bBooth, Inc. was incorporated under the laws of the State of Nevada. On May 19, 2014, CMG was merged into bBooth, Inc. and bBooth, Inc. changed its name to bBooth (USA), Inc. The operations of CMG and bBooth (USA), Inc. became known as “bBoothUSA”.


On October 16, 2014, bBoothUSA completed a Share Exchange Agreement with Global System Designs, Inc. (“GSD”) which was accounted for as a reverse merger transaction. In connection with the closing of the Share Exchange Agreement, GSD management was replaced by bBoothUSA management, and GSD changed its name to bBooth, Inc.


Effective April 21, 2017, we changed our corporate name from bBooth, Inc. to nFüsz, Inc. The name change was effected through a parent/subsidiary short-form merger of nFüsz, Inc., our wholly-owned Nevada subsidiary, formed solely for the purpose of the name change, with and into us. We were the surviving entity. To effectuate the merger, we filed Articles of Merger with the Secretary of State of the State of Nevada on April 4, 2017 and a Certificate of Correction with the Secretary of State of the State of Nevada on April 17, 2017. The merger became effective on April 21, 2017. Our board of directors approved the merger, which resulted in the name change on that date. In accordance with Section 92A.180 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, stockholder approval of the merger was not required.


On the effective date of the merger, our name was changed to “nFüsz, Inc.” and our Articles of Incorporation, as amended (the “Articles”), were further amended to reflect our new legal name. With the exception of the name change, there were no other changes to our Articles.


Nature of Business


We have developed proprietary interactive video technology which serves as the basis for certain products and services that we market under the brand name “notifi”. Our notifiCRM, notifiADS, notifiLINKS, and notifiWEB products are cloud-based, software-as-a-service (“SaaS”), customer relationship management (“CRM”), sales lead generation, advertising and social engagement software, accessible on mobile and desktop platforms, that we license to individual consumers, sales-based organizations, consumer brands, marketing and advertising agencies, as well as to artists and social influencers. Our notifiCRM platform is an enterprise scalable, subscription-based customer relationship management program that incorporates proprietary, interactive audio/video messaging and interactive on-screen “virtual salesperson” communications technology. Our notifiCRM is distinguished from other CRM programs because it utilizes interactive video as the primary means of communication between the subscribers and their clients or prospects. Such clients and prospects can respond to notifiCRM subscribers’ calls to action in real time by clicking on links embedded in the video, all without leaving or stopping the video. Subscribers also have access to detailed analytics that reflect when the videos were viewed, by whom, how many times, for how long, and what items were clicked-on in the video to assist subscribers in determining the possible interest level of that particular client or prospect in the subject matter of the video. Our notifiTV and notifiLIVE products are also part of our proprietary interactive video platform that allows viewers to interact with pre-recorded as well as live broadcast video content by clicking on links embedded in on-screen people, objects, graphics or sponsors’ signage. Viewers can experience our notifiTV and notifiLIVE interactive content and capabilities on most devices available in the market today without the need to download special software or proprietary video players.


Going Concern


The accompanying consolidated financial statements have been prepared on a going concern basis, which contemplates the realization of assets and the settlement of liabilities and commitments in the normal course of business. As reflected in the accompanying consolidated financial statements, during the year ended December 31, 2017, the Company incurred a net loss of $7,266,553 used cash in operations of $1,676,737 and had a stockholders’ deficit of $5,789,037 as of December 31, 2017. These factors raise substantial doubt about the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern within one year after the date of the financial statements being issued. The ability of the Company to continue as a going concern is dependent upon the Company’s ability to raise additional funds and implement its business plan. The financial statements do not include any adjustments that might be necessary if the Company is unable to continue as a going concern.


At December 31, 2017, the Company had cash on hand in the amount of $10,560. The Company raised an additional $3.4 million from January 2018 through March 2018 through the sale of its debt and equity securities (see Note 15). Management estimates that the current funds on hand will be sufficient to continue operations through December 2018. The continuation of the Company as a going concern is dependent upon its ability to obtain necessary debt or equity financing to continue operations until it begins generating positive cash flow. No assurance can be given that any future financing will be available or, if available, that it will be on terms that are satisfactory to the Company. Even if the Company is able to obtain additional financing, it may contain undue restrictions on our operations, in the case of debt financing or cause substantial dilution for our stock holders, in case or equity financing.